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  • Where is Slick E-Liquid made?
    Slick E-liquid is manufactured by a registered VM (Vape Manufacturer). Slick Zero flavouring is manufactured in our own ISO-7 certified cleanroom
  • Are Slick's e-liquids made in a lab?
    Yes! Slick Eliquid is manufactured in an ISO7 certified facility (Air Quality). This means that your Slick products are mixed and filled in a controlled and clean environment ensuring a safe and high quality product for you to enjoy with peace of mind. Our vape liquid products (Slick PODS and Salts) are manufactured for us by a registered VM (Vape Manufacturer) with the same high standards.
  • What ingredients are included in Slick products?
    Only the highest quality raw materials are included in production of all Slick Eliquid/Vape Juice products. We strive to utilize local products and suppliers where we can to support other local businesses. Base Ingredients (across all products) ● Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol – USP or BP Grade. Sourced from local supplier. ● Nicotine (Freebase and Salt Nicotine) – Pure+ Nicotine. Sourced from local supplier. Raw Nicotine is of European origin and certified and processed by local supplier. ● Flavouring Concentrates – Only the highest quality will do. Sourced from international (United States, Europe and Asia) and local suppliers. Slick Zero Products (Flavouring only) Flavourings sourced from all over the world and mixed into our own unique formulas to bring you the tastiest and most authentic flavour experience. Sweetened with sucralose based solutions and cooled in certain products by cooling agents such as WS23. Suspended in Propylene Glycol.
  • How much nicotine is in my Slick product?
    Slick Zero range - Flavouring There is absolutely no nicotine in our Slick Zero products. These products are strictly flavouring. The 20ml Salts range contains 25mg/ml Salt Nicotine or 40mg/ml Salt Nicotine Slick PODs contain 2.5% (25mg/ml) or 4% (40mg/ml) Salt Nicotine - 12mls Eliquid inside Please vape responsibly when using high strength products.
  • Where can I buy Slick Eliquid from?
    Slick Eliquid products are available across South Africa from an extensive array of stockists. To find a stockist closest to you click here. If you are having trouble finding stock or a store you frequent does not stock our products please feel free to ask them to get in touch with us so we can assist them in introducing our product range to their establishment!
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